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FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h

The FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h course will teach you the essentials life-saving skills. The course gives you the courage to act in unexpected situations requiring emergency first aid.

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FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h

Essential knowledge and skills for life-saving emergency first aid

The FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h includes emergency first aid theory as well as practical training on the most important emergency first aid measures under the guidance of an instructor. You will learn resuscitation, first aid for suffocation, how to use a defibrillator and how to stop heavy bleeding.

This course also allows you to update a valid FRC First Aid Course EA 1® or FRC First Aid Course EA 2® qualification once. The updated qualification is valid for three years.

The FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h is suitable for anyone wanting to learn first aid skills that they can use at home, in their free time and leisure activities or at work. You can take part in the course without prior first aid training.

Upon completion of the first aid course, you will receive a first aid certificate from the Finnish Red Cross, which is valid for three years.

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4 x 45 min

Maximum number of participants

Classroom education 15 people, webinar training 20 people

Course formats

Classroom education, webinar

Course price

from EUR 100 + VAT 24 %

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Emergency First Aid 4 h is especially suitable for you if

  • you want to learn first aid and have no prior training in first aid
  • you want to learn essential life-saving emergency first aid skills
  • you want to ensure first aid skills in a low accident risk environment, such as an office, shop, restaurant, when teleworking or in various leisure activities
  • you want to update the validity of the FRC First Aid Course EA 1® or FRC First Aid Course EA 2® for the next three years or revise what you have learnt previously

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Content of FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h

  • Actions in first aid situations
  • Identification and first aid of an unconscious person
  • CPR on an adult
  • Using a defibrillator
  • First aid on a choking person
  • How to stop heavy bleeding
  • First aid on a person in circulatory distress (shock)
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Other topics according to group preferences

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