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Information for companies and communities

Punainen Risti Ensiapu is the most reliable provider of certified first aid training in Finland, known for its top-quality instruction.

By choosing a Red Cross first aid course for your company or community, you become part of the important chain of aid of the Red Cross, and the safety culture of your work environment is supported by your first aid preparedness.

Choose high-quality and reliable Red Cross first aid

Punainen Risti Ensiapu is part of the preparedness and response framework of the Finnish Red Cross as well as the the whole country. We train first-aiders with the know-how and courage to act in unexpected first aid situations.

We have nearly 140 years of experience and knowledge in organising first aid courses and we are Finland’s leading organiser and developer of first aid training.

The contents and instructors of the Red Cross first aid courses meet the requirements of Kela and the Health Insurance Act for maintaining first aid preparedness at the workplace as a part of occupational health and safety activities.

Our customers place trust in our quality, expertise and responsible operations.

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Reliable high-quality courses

Finland’s best experts and instructors

Socially and environmentally responsible company

A developing and agile partner

Finnish Red Cross First Aid employs the best first aid instructors in Finland. Each of our instructors has an First Aid Instructor qualification.

We offer your organisation an effortless and flexible cooperation model for ordering first aid courses and taking part in the training.

Our sales team will be happy to help you choose and book a course. We make maintaining and managing first aid preparedness easy.

We are an agile partner and constantly develop our operations in order to deliver the best solutions and services to our customers.

Together we will find the first aid training that is right for you, regardless of where you are in Finland.

We employ the best first aid instructors in Finland.

Each of our instructors has an First Aid Instructor qualification.

All of our instructors are licensed health care professionals who have completed the instructor training as further training in accordance with the Red Cross training programmes.

Our instructors maintain their qualifications by taking part in further training every three years. This ensures the training we offer is always compliant and of high-quality.

The FRC first aid courses are certified, quality-controlled and audited by an independent third party.

This is to ensure that the content of our courses complies with the instructions and requirements and that their quality is uniform across Finland.

Our experts continuously evaluate and develop our first aid courses so that you can count on receiving high-quality training and course content.

The certified first aid courses of the Red Cross always comply with the latest recommendations and existing legislation and standards.

After successfully passing the course, the participant’s information is entered in the Competence Register and the participant receives a first aid certificate which is valid for three years.

Our courses for companies and communities always include a certificate of competence, which allows you to verify your competence in giving first aid, for example, at the workplace, in an association or for client companies.

You can receive the certificate of competence in the MyCertificate service, which can be used through a browser or as a mobile app. Having a mobile certificate means you can always have the certificate with you and easily present it when needed. You can download the MyCertificate app to your phone from Google Play or the App Store.

You can also opt for a certificate card as an additional service when ordering a course.

If you choose the certificate card, it will be mailed to the participants’ home address after the successful completion of the course.

Responsible and social actor

The Finnish Red Cross headquarters and districts of the Finnish Red Cross own Punainen Risti Ensiapu in its entirety.

Our activities are governed by the principles of the Red Cross, code of ethics and the desire to protect life. Our operations are based on the selling and organisation of first aid training services for individuals, companies and communities. The proceeds go towards supporting the first aid preparedness and friend activities of the Finnish Red Cross for the benefit of all of us living in Finland. By ordering a Red Cross first aid course, your organisation becomes a part of an important chain of aid.

The Association for Finnish Work has granted us the right to use the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark as an indication of our generation of social good. Our goal is to have people who can administer first aid in every home and at every workplace.

We are also a certified WWF Green Office which means we are committed to environmentally responsible operations and decisions as well as to the continuous improvement of our environmental measures.