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New job opportunities become available regularly in various Red Cross units around Finland and around the world.

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A responsible, inspiring and meaningful workplace

The Finnish Red Cross is a humanitarian NGO, and its first aid training activities are carried out by Punainen Risti Ensiapu.

We invest in the development of the personnel competence in all our units, and promote a positive and encouraging atmosphere at the workplace. In short, we take good care of our employees. To successfully carry out work in our organisation requires commitment to the values and principles of the Red Cross, which we adhere to in all our operations.

Punainen Risti Ensiapu

Punainen Risti Ensiapu employs the finest first aid expert and training team in Finland. We give you the chance to carry out daily work on first aid training in a manner that socially meaningful and in line with the values of the Red Cross. Quality, knowledge-based management and digitalisation are part of our daily routine.

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The Finnish Red Cross, entire organisation

The Finnish Red Cross employs experts and professionals from many different industries and work and educational backgrounds. We operate across Finland and around the world. Our personnel value our meaningful and inspiring work and our equal and supportive work community.

Current vacancies:


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