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Course formats

Red Cross first aid courses can be completed in several ways. We organise courses on-site in several different cities around Finland and also offer online courses that you can complete regardless of your location.

Explore the different course formats and choose the option that works for you.

Learn about the FRC first aid course formats

Find out here about the different forms of implementation of SPR first aid courses and come with us to learn life-saving skills, for example in an online course completed at your own pace.

The online course is a first aid training course which everyone takes independently.

You will need a computer, mobile device or tablet, as well as an internet connection to take the online course. You will log in to the course using a personal code, and the training is completed on an easy-to-use digital learning platform.

You can complete the course regardless of place and time, take breaks and pick up where you left off.

The interactive online course consists of theory, multiple choice questions, animations, videos and independently conducted first aid exercises. The training also includes intermediate and final assignments, which need to be successfully completed in order to pass the course. The online course is a flexible and hassle-free way to learn first aid.

The course is right for you if you want to complete the training at your own pace in your free time or while studying, for example.

The online course also makes for an excellent and meaningful gift! You can order online course codes via our course calendar to give someone the gift of important first aid skills. The code is valid for six months from the date of the order.

First aid courses available as online courses:

Webinar training is an interactive course that can be attended via a computer or mobile device.

The webinar will take place on Teams, and it allows you to interact with the instructor and other participants using the video and audio connection on your device. You can also submit questions and comments during the training via the Teams chat function.

Click here to read tips on how to join the webinar and use Teams.

The webinar course exercises are done with supplies at hand. Make sure you have first aid equipment in your home. Before the training, make sure you have a first aid kit as well as a sturdy pillow with which you can practise resuscitation. You can bring your first aid supplies up to date by clicking here.

The webinar is an excellent option for the remote era and enables you to participate in first aid training no matter where you are in Finland. The webinar is also well suited for hobby groups whose members live in different cities or for work communities working at several locations.

First aid courses available as a webinar:

Classroom education is the traditional way of completing a first aid course.

The course is carried out under the guidance of an instructor at the training facilities of Punainen Risti Ensiapu or in the premises of the client company. During the course, the instructor goes through the theory of first aid and you get to practise first aid skills together with the other course participants.

Classroom education provides a functional and practical way for learning first aid. You will get to practise things such as resuscitation with the help of a dummy and a defibrillator. Classroom education is perfect for people who prefer to learn by doing and under the guidance of an instructor.

Classroom education courses require physical participation and cannot be taken remotely

First aid courses available as classroom education:

The combination course provides a flexible and varied means for taking a first aid course and is, as the name suggests, a combination of two different formats.

One half of the course is conducted independently as online training and the other half either as on-site classroom education or as a remote webinar.

First, you will need to independently and successfully complete the online training, after which you can take part in the classroom education part, which focuses on practical exercises under the guidance of a first aid instructor. You have six months to complete the combination course, including both the online training and the classroom education.

Taking part in a combination course saves time and is cost-effective which brings together different learning approaches. If the classroom education part of the course is conducted as a webinar, you can take part in the course anywhere in Finland.

The course is well suited for hobby groups whose members live in different cities or for work communities with several offices.

First aid courses available as combination courses:


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