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FRC Safety Pass – to safeguard your workday

The SPR Turvapassi® (FRC Safety Pass) is a day-long safety training course for organisations. It includes the basics of emergency first aid and strengthens occupational safety and fire safety skills. The purpose of the training is to promote the safety of both the staff and customers of a company or office.

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FRC Safety Pass

Comprehensive workplace safety training

The FRC Safety Pass is a day-long safety training course that ensures your staff’s occupational safety, fire safety, and first aid skills.

The training covers workplace risk situations and risk preparedness, what to do in the event of various threatening situations, and first-aid fire extinguishing procedures. The training includes independent, voluntary preliminary assignments and a diverse range of in-person tasks and exercises designed for the customer’s industry.

The FRC Safety Pass course is ideally suited for people working in e.g. the retail sector, but it is also well-suited to other sectors that face various safety risks. The course does not require prior safety or first aid training.

The FRC Safety Pass certificate and the FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h mobile certificate are valid for three years.

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FRC Safety Pass is suitable for many work environments.

The FRC Safety Pass is especially suitable, if

  • you want to learn about areas of safety and have no prior safety or first aid training
  • you want to make your workday safer in the retail sector or in another sector where there are various safety risks
  • you want to ensure your skills and confidence in identifying and extinguishing incipient-stage fires in your work environment.

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The FRC Safety Pass training course includes three important topics:

FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h

Duration of the section: 4 x 45 min

Certified FRC emergency first aid training on the basics of emergency first aid. The training can account for the special needs of the workplace in addition to the course topics.

Includes the FRC Emergency First Aid 4 h mobile certificate, which is valid for three years.

  • Actions in first aid situations
  • Identification and first aid of an unconscious person
  • CPR on an adult
  • Using a defibrillator
  • First aid on a choking person
  • How to stop heavy bleeding
  • First aid on a person in circulatory distress (shock)
  • Prevention of accidents


Occupational safety and threatening situations

Duration of the section: 100 min

Safety in the work environment is affected by several different factors. Some can be influenced by our own actions, for other situations, general and site-specific instructions are required. This section is customised to the customer’s sector
and may include e.g.

  • General workplace safety and risk identification, anticipation and preparedness
  • Stress factors and hazards in the workplace
  • Safe working methods
  • Threat of violence in the workplace
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Emergence of a threatening situation
  • Encountering a threatening person
  • Legislation
  • Crisis aftercare


Fire safety

Duration of the section: 100 min

The aim of the fire safety section is to acquire sufficient skills and confidence to identify and extinguish incipient-stage fires. If necessary, this section can be customised to the customer’s sector.

  • General fire safety
  • Risk assessment/possible safety walk
  • Prevention and improvement of fire safety at the company
  • What to do in the event of an accident/fire
  • How a fire spreads and the danger of fire
  • First-aid extinguishing equipment and fire extinguishing

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