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First aid courses for companies and communities

Punainen Risti Ensiapu provides Finland’s most reliable top-quality certified first aid training through a variety of course formats.

All our first aid courses can be customised to place special emphasis the factors affecting the occupational safety of your organisation. This results in a training package which prevents accidents and improves occupational safety.

High-quality and reliable Red Cross first aid courses

The Red Cross first aid courses are certified according to the Red Cross training programmes and designed to cover matters that are based on first aid and resuscitation guidelines approved both internationally and by the Finnish Red Cross.

The quality of our first aid courses is monitored and audited by an independent third party. This allows us to ensure the uniform quality of all our courses and services for everyone and in all situations. After completing a first aid course, you will also receive a certificate of competence from the Red Cross, which is valid for three years.

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Become a part of an important chain of aid

Punainen Risti Ensiapu is part of the preparedness and response framework of the Finnish Red Cross as well as the the whole country. Our proceeds go towards providing assistance and support in Finland.

By ordering a Red Cross first aid course, your organisation becomes a part of an important chain of aid.

Diverse course formats

In addition to the traditional face-to-face format, first aid training for companies and communities can take the form of a digital course. Read more about the different course formats below, and find more information by clicking here.

The online course is a first aid training course which everyone takes independently.

The online course allows you to complete the training at your own pace, meaning you can take breaks and later pick up where you left off. You can log in to the course using a personal code.

The interactive online course consists of theory, multiple choice questions, animations, videos and independently conducted first aid exercises. The training also includes intermediate and final assignments, which need to be successfully completed in order to pass the course.

Online training is an excellent gift for staff and business partners!

You can order several codes at once and give first aid skills as a Christmas present or as a recognition for excellent work, for example. The online course codes are valid for six months from the date of the order.

The webinar is an interactive course which can be attended by using a computer or a mobile device.

You can take part in the webinar on Teams regardless of where you are in Finland. The first aid instructor uses an audio and video connection to carry out the teaching.

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The webinar is an interactive course where questions and comments can be submitted through a chat or discussion during the training. The practical exercises are done with supplies at hand.

The webinar can be an excellent option if your organisation has several offices in various locations or operates in a city or town where face-to-face training is not organised.

The instructor’s daily allowance is not added to the price of the course when the training is organised as a webinar.

Classroom education is carried out at your organisation’s premises or in another agreed place.

Classroom education provides a hands-on course format in which the personnel study the theory of first aid and do practical exercises under the guidance of the instructor.

The two-day-long FRC First Aid Course EA 1® can be carried out as classroom education on consecutive days or even two consecutive weeks, for instance.

The instructor will bring all the necessary teaching aids and materials with them.

The instructor’s daily allowance is added to the price of a first aid course which is organised as classroom education in accordance with state travel regulations.

As the name implies, a combination course is a combination of two course formats.

Combination course consists of online and interactive training, the latter of which can be completed either as classroom education or as a webinar.

The first part of the course consists of independent online training (50 %) which needs to be completed successfully before participating in the joint interactive part (50%). The interactive part of the course includes practical exercises under the guidance of an instructor.

The combination course provides a flexible and varied means for taking a first aid course. Allowing your personnel to complete the course in parts and even entirely remotely, saves your organisation time and money.

If the interactive part of the combination course is completed as classroom education, the final price of the course will include the instructor’s daily allowance for one day. If the interactive part is carried out as a webinar, the course price will not include any daily allowance costs.

This course format is particularly suitable for work communities which operate in different offices or cities as well as for work communities with different types of learners.

Special emphases

We organise first aid training for the needs of your specific organisation as a customised course. Learn more and compare the contents of the Finnish Red Cross first aid courses by clicking here.

The course can be customised according to the work environment or tasks, or you can order directive-compliant further professional training for lorry and bus drivers, which will be entered in the professional qualifications register.

We can take into account the special needs of your work environment in all our first aid courses, which allows the course content to focus on the risks and hazards of your particular industry or work tasks.

The courses can take into account different working conditions and emphasise things such as first aid for hot or cold-induced injuries and illnesses.

The course content may emphasise the special requirements of different fields of work, including the electrical, construction, industrial or service sectors, which effectively supports the occupational safety of your organisation and improves the safety culture of your work community in a pre-emptive manner.

First aid training that focuses on the actual daily life of your employees helps to prevent occupational accidents and reduce sick leaves and shortens the recovery times.rnrn

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You can also complete the Red Cross first aid training as directive-compliant further training for lorry and bus drivers. In that case, the participant will receive a Finnish Red Cross first aid certificate and the course will be entered in the register of professional qualifications maintained by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

The training can provide 1–2 professional qualification entries, depending on the training and the programme used. The training provides professional drivers in road transport with basic knowledge and skills in first aid topics. The content and teaching of the course pay attention to the risk and accident situations of professional transport, and take into account the driver’s own health and safety from the point of view of professional road transport.

The further professional qualification training for lorry and bus drivers is organised as a group course.

Request a quotation for a customised course here. The order must be placed a minimum of 14 days before the start of the course to ensure that the necessary advance notifications are made.