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Values that guide our operations

Punainen Risti Ensiapu is part of the preparedness and response framework of the Finnish Red Cross and the whole country. Our activities are governed by our desire to develop, trust and responsibility as well as the principles of the Red Cross, code of ethics and the desire to protect life.

Punainen Risti Ensiapu, strategy 2024–2026
Punainen Risti Ensiapu, Code of Ethics


Our goal is to have people who can administer first aid in every home and at every workplace.


We are guided by trust, responsibility and our desire to improve.


We train first-aiders with the know-how and courage to act.

These cornerstones guide our daily work

We keep a close eye on partner and customer experience, which we use as the basis for developing our digital services. for example FRC first aid training as webinar.

We strengthen Finland’s overall preparedness

We are a part of the preparedness and response framework of the Red Cross and the whole country.

Through our operations, we strengthen the objective of the Red Cross to be a leading first aid operator in both normal and disruptive situations in society. We have the capacity to quickly train a large number of people with first aid skills. We produce information on the state of first aid preparedness throughout the country and communicate the importance of first aid skills.

We take good care of our employees, invest in the development of the competence of our personnel and promote a positive and encouraging atmosphere at the workplace.

We are a responsible operator

We are a responsible workplace. Our employees feel a strong sense of meaningfulness in their work. We invest in the competence development and wellbeing of our personnel. We set an example ourselves and have trained our entire staff in first aid skills. We operate sustainably and work together to take responsibility for a positive and encouraging work atmosphere.

As a social enterprise, our proceeds go towards the domestic operations of the Finnish Red Cross.

Through our operations, we promote health, wellbeing and public health security.

We are a pioneer in first aid training

We will be better tomorrow than we are today. Continuous development, utilisation of technology and controlled change ensure the sustainability and pioneering nature of our operations.

Changing needs, research data, industry expertise and partner and customer experience guide our service development. The production of information and knowledge-based management are what support the impact and profitability of our operations.

We work on our services and digital systems to make our operations more efficient and to ensure that we can provide more partner- and customer-friendly services.

We are a reliable partner

Our partnership and expert programmes bring value to our network which is an important part of national first aid preparedness. We strengthen the ARVOkumppani® programme and raise awareness of it, and we actively support the work and development of First Aid Instructors.

Our professional skills and experience as an organiser of first aid training are visible to our customers and course participants as high-quality first aid training that increases the courage to act and help. Quality assurance is an important part of our operations.

We are a socially responsible operator

We want to act responsibly and reliably both internally and together with our stakeholders. We have been involved in organising first aid training in Finland for almost 140 years. The knowledge and experience in first aid we have gained over the years have resulted in the modern high-quality first aid training Punainen Risti Ensiapu provides today. Through our operations, we promote health, wellbeing and public health security across Finland.

The Association for Finnish Work has granted us the right to use the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark as an indication of our social responsibility. We operations are transparent and our proceeds go towards the benefit of society.

We are also a certified Green Office and committed to environmentally responsible operations and decisions as well as to improving our environmental measures both today and in the future.


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