Red Cross First Aid educational programs


First aid courses in accordance with Red Cross First Aid education programs are certified and audited educations, which fill the criteria for first aid preparedness of workplaces defined in the law of occupational safety and health and the rescue act.

Our first aid educations are suitable for the upkeep of first aid preparedness in workplaces, and to ensure safety in your home, hobbies and leisure activity.

All of our first aid education competences are valid for three (3) years.


Workplace first aid preparedness

In our selection of education you can find suitable first aid courses for different types of work environments, like office, transport, building and industrial fields. On our courses we note the risk assessment of the workplace and the recommendations made by occupational health care. The first aid preparedness of a workplace consists of first aid educated personnel and the correct and suitable first aid equipment. The occupational health care provider will help the client company to evaluate the need of first aid preparedness during the workplace survey and making of an action plan, and by observing the circumstances of the workplace and environment.


First aid education and professional qualification education for drivers

We also arrange further education of professional qualification for truck and bus drivers. Educations meant for professional drivers are named so that they are easy to find in our selection of education. After approved completion of first aid education for professional drivers you get the Red Cross qualification for first aid and Traficoms marking of professional qualification.

There are different lengths of the educations arranged as professional qualification educations: from the one day education (minimum 7 lesson hours) you get one marking of professional qualification and from the two day first aid education (minimum 14 lesson hours) you get two markings of qualification to the register maintained by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom.


Order a first aid education course for a group or join an open course

You can order your own first aid course to your workplace, hobby group or educational institution. In the content of the course we note the company’s field of work, environment, circumstances and risk of accidents, therefore the education can be tailored according to the needs of the target audience.

Access the options for conducting first aid courses, and ask for an offer.


Open first aid courses

We arrange open first aid courses in our education centers in various parts of Finland. Access the selection of education and timetable alternatives in our education calendar.


Options for conducting first aid education

Classroom education: All Red Cross First Aid educations
The first aid education is arranged during a time that the client wants, either in the clients own facility or in the course providers educational facility. There are also open courses offered as classroom education.

Webinar: All Red Cross First Aid educations
A webinar is an education, where the first aid educator has a live contact with the course participants via video and sound. The educator uses different types of modern education methods during the course. All of the Red Cross certified first aid courses can be arranged as webinars.

Combination course:

  • FRC First Aid course FA 1® combination course
  • FRC Emergency First Aid course 8 h® combination course

The first online education part of the combination course (50 %) is completed during a time and pace suitable oneself. The other classroom education part (50 %) has to be done within 6 months of completion of the online course part. You can participate in the classroom education also via webinar, i.e. distance education with video and sound contact.

Online course:

  • FRC Emergency First Aid course 4 h® online course

The online course consists of, among others, presentations, multiple choice tasks, animations and videos. You can complete the online course at your own pace, take a break, and continue later from the same place. The course participant is required to complete midterm and final assignments. You can participate on the course without any previous first aid education.

FRC Emergency First Aid course 4 h® online course also includes topics for first aid training in the electrical industry in accordance with the electrical safety standard SFS6002.

FRC Emergency First Aid course 4 h® online course is also suitable for the repetition of FRC First Aid courses FA 1® or FA 2®. You can continue the validity of a valid First Aid FA 1® or FA 2® -certificate for the following three years. You can continue the validity once.


Company introduction

Punainen Risti Ensiapu (Red Cross First Aid) is an organization 100 % owned by the Red Cross central office and districts, our operation area is the whole of Finland. We offer educational services in first aid and the safety field, and sell first aid and safety equipment in an online shop to private individuals, companies, communities, hobby activities and for the elevation of the own preparedness of the Finnish Red Cross.

The Red Cross has, as a national and authority supporting organization, a special role in preparedness. As a company offering education services we have close collaboration with the organization. All of our activity is directed by the values and principles of the Red Cross. The profits of our educations are led to the Red Cross homeland assistance activities.

We arrange certified first aid courses according to the education programs of Red Cross First Aid as open courses (link to course calendar) and as ordered courses to companies and communities (link to offer form). Educational languages are Finnish, Swedish and English.

In our education selection we offer FRC Emergency First Aid courses 4-8 h®, FRC First Aid courses FA 1® and FA 2®, the courses can be conducted as classroom education, webinar education and combination education (online and classroom parts).

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